What our patients say

I met Dr. Tipton and his team at a Women’s Day Festival.  There it was confirmed what I’ve suspected; my neck pain and poor posture were because of issues with my spinal alignment.  After talking with Dr. Tipton, I realized how helpful, affordable and natural     chiropractic services coud be and made my first appointment.  Currently, I’ve been receiving chiropractic are for over 3 months and noticed an immediate improvement in my posture, reduced headaches and better range of motion in my nick.  Every visit I make to the office, Dr. Tipton and Leigh welcome me instantly and warmly.  Dr. Tipton is truly knowledgeable, hilarious and caring.  He clearly explains what the issue is and what he’s goiiing to do to fix it as well as make suggestions as to what I can do to help myself.  Also, the best change I’ve noticed is my deepened commitment to become a healthierperson.  Dr. Tipton is great at what he does, the atmosphere is elevating and I highly person.  Dr. Tipton is great at what he does, the atmosphere is elevating and I highly recommend his services.

Whitney Briggs

I believe that Dr. Tipton’s procedure call “Bio Cranial” has helped me tremendously with my digestion.  A real answer to prayer!  Dr. Tipton is very knowledgeable and thouough in explaining how the nerves in the spine work and how his procedures can help you.

Cynthia L. Paul

My hip and lower back were in constant pain.  After receiving regular adjustments to my spine, I have felt significant improvement.  My hip does not hurt as bad.  I feel much more mobile than I had been because I am not afraid my back will go out on me.

Karla Crum




I could not bend over to put on my own socks.  After a few visits I was able to put my socks on again.

Justin Respondek

After head-dive fall I had new tightness + pain in various places along with jaw clicking on side I hit my jaw on ground.  Within in a few visits joints were pain free + within 2 weeks no jaw clicking.  Also pain in hip almost 100% gone by 12th visit. 

Chiropractic care certainly has done the job for the body no medicine could do.

I am impressed. All staff also very warm + caring.

Ruth Newman

Chiropractic care has given me a much better life than I would have had without it. It gives me instant relief when my back becomes misaligned.  It enables me to move easier and also promotes better rest at night.  It has also caused me to have fewer Meunier’s attacks, which has been a significant blessing to me!  Chiropractic care has given me a life that is much more comfortable and pain-free.  I would encourage anyone to give it a try and see for yourself how it can benefit your life.

Jonel Carswell

I have suffered from back & neck pain most of my life.  Once I began a regular chiropractic schedule I noticed significant improvements in my back & neck pain.  It has also helped the maintainance of the frequent headaches I used to get.  I recommend chiropractic care to everyone!

Samatha Smolen

If you don’t want to hurt go see your chiropractor.  He’ll help you feel much better.

Richard Blaha

I’ve been a patient of Chiropractic for over 30 years and have experienced  many doctor practices.  I have to say that I’ve been very impressed with Dr. Tipton’s professionalism and his chiropractic methods of spinal manipulation.  I always feel so much better after receiving care from my visit with Dr. Tipton.  I would recommend him to others. Thank yo.

Karen M. Chiasson

I have had my right knee replaced and my left knee is very painful.  My treatments keep my body in proper alignment and helps to alleviate the pain in my left knee.  It also helps to eliminate any back pain and help with the numbness in my arms.

Richard Larson

Before visiting Dr. Tipton I was really having a hard time performing daily activities.  As a past tow truck driver and now a mechanic my body is an important tool and he’s truly helped me to figure out how helpful chiropractic can really be.  Over the past year he’s mad leaps and bounds in my life allowing me to gain most of my movement back.  Thank you so much. Dr. Tipton.

Joseph Williams

After twisting to pick something up, my ribs felt like they were rubbing together.  After 2 visits I was feeling much better.

Jeff Bate

I have emphysema and lower back problems.  Since I have seen Dr. Tipton my lower back problem does not bother or hurt nearly as much.  Every time I see him he works on a part of my back that helps my lungs open and I breathe easier for awhile.  I would and do recommend anybody having body pains to see a chiropractor to help them feel better.

Patricia Taskey

For six weeks I was unable to hear out of my right ear.  The doctors treated me with decongestants and antibiotics but nothing seemed to work.  When they finally said they wanted to operate, my wife suggested I go to Tipton Chiropractic.  I thought she was crazy.  The problem was with my ear, not by back.  But I went anyway.  After only two adjustments, my ear cleared up and I could hear again.

Steve Harris

When I came to Dr. Tipton I had been diagnosed with arthritis of the knee, resulting in chronic pain causing me to be unable to walk or bend my knee.  Because of Dr. Tipton’s professional abilities and his personal concern for my well being, he diagnosed my knee to be dislocated resulting in weak muscles and tendons unable to sustain correct knee movement as a direct result of his treatment I have about a 90% improvement in pain relief and quality of life without resorting to drugs and pain killers.

Terry Trottier

I have believed in chiropractic care for years.  Some of the benefits I have experienced is a pregnancy with minimum back pain.  I no longer have migraine headaches or shooting pain in my wrist.  My children have had sniffles, been adjusted ant the sniffles mysteriously left.  I have also noticed that being under care my children do no seem to have as many colds as other children.

Linda Harris

I’ve had back pain for 8 years now.  The medical community’s solution to the problem (sclerosis) was first denial, then pain killers.  Through chiropractic treatment, I’ve experienced a great reduction in pain, normalization of the abnormal curvature and have been able to return to my normal activities.

Jeremy Hall

When I first started receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Tipton I had a host of medical issues besides lower back pain.  Now most of them have been greatly reduced if no completely eliminated.  The back pain is very rare now.  Where it used to be almost daily.

Kristy Bunzeluk

Has helped the pain in my spine and upper back.  I feel much better.  I like the girls in the office.  Dr. Tipton and his staff are very friendly and kind.  I like the fact that they act like they know me.

Sheri Doring

I’ve been going to Dr. Tipton for nine months now.  I feel good.  My back is almost pain free.  I don’t have a neck problem anymore.  So I think Chiropractic care is for me.  Thanks, Dr. Tipton.

Helena Griffiths

When I came in to Dr. Tipton I had a lot of pain, now my pain is gone and I have much more movement.  Dr. Tipton has done a wonderful job and has a very enjoyable personality.

Michael Doering

Before I seem to have a lot more sciatic and neck pain.  I used to have to lay down more to rest my back and lifting was harder.  Now my neck and sciatic pain are better and I am stronger now.  I can lift more and do more toning.

Mitzi Pastor

With consistent, weekly adjustments my back has remained limber and mostly pain free. My neck moves quite easily and my TMJ symptoms have been alleviated.

Maragret A Monagin

My original back problem came from falling from a ladder.  Years later and several nagging problems such as pain in my left heel, stomach problems and headaches, I decided to get chiropractic help.  To my amazement, after my first visit, those problems were gone.  Better yet they have not come back.  I now get adjusted as needed and recommend chiropractic to friends.

John  Treloar

I have no headaches!  That’s only the beginning of what Dr. Tipton’s chiropractic treatment did for me.  When I initially came to him I had reached a low, where by headache had lasted for 2 weeks, had lost a temporary job, and had not responded to any level of pain medication, allergy, or migraine medication.  I was desperate-I needed to get back to work.  I started seeing Dr. Tipton for treatment 3 time a week, but only didn’t take long.  The initial headache relief was immediate, but I still felt the pressure sensation that would lead soon to headache.  So I kept coming. Six week later I was back to work in a very physically demanding job, and have had only one headache, when I overworked and missed chiropractic treatment for a week.  Two months later, I am down to treatment twice a week, sometimes only once.  Everyone I know has commented on how well I look, even my parents, the most worried of all.  I have met other both in his office and outside who have similar histories.  Not only have my headaches gone away, but my overall health has been steadily improving.  I don’t get sick, despite a job where I am in constant contact with the public.  My health is like it was 30 years ago before I was in the car accident that led to a decline in my overall health.

Susan Helppie


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