Deadly High Blood Pressure Caused By These Over-the-Counter Meds

Deadly High Blood Pressure Caused By These Over-the-Counter Meds

Posted by: Christian Goodman

We tend to think that over-the-counter medications (you don’t need a prescription to obtain) are pretty safe to take.

But if you have high blood pressure, you must look out for this one type of over-the-counter medication. If not, it can skyrocket your blood pressure with serious consequences.

Flu season is in full blast, and when it hits, millions of people flock to their local pharmacy to buy over-the-counter flu meds.

For most people, these flu meds are safe to use for a short period. But for those who suffer high blood pressure, many of those flu remedies can cause a BP spike. And a spike in blood pressure can land you in the emergency room with a heart attack or stroke.


As if that weren’t enough, when you have the flu, your body is loaded with inflammation to fight the viruses and/or bacteria. The inflammation, furthermore, increases the risk of stroke and heart attack and raises blood pressure. So you must be doubly careful when you have the flu.

There are many other over-the-counter medications that raise blood pressure. Pain killers and energy drinks are just two more examples. Read the warning labels carefully and consult your doctor before taking any pills or stimulating drinks.

The best prevention is to get your blood pressure under control before the flu hits you, or before you consider any type of over-the-counter meds.

However, you must use a natural method to lower your blood pressure as traditional drugs come with so many side effects that will hurt you in the long haul.



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