Improvement in Chronic Shoulder Pain & Vertebral Subluxation in an Adult Female Following Chiropractic Care


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Improvement in Chronic Shoulder Pain & Vertebral Subluxation in an Adult Female Following Chiropractic Care

James Valcarcel, BS, Christopher Varnum, DC, Rod Floyd, DC, Joel Alcantara, DC
Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ December 29, 2014 ~ Pages 219-225



Objective: To report on the successful care of an adult female with left anterior shoulder pain.


Clinical Features: A 27-year-old Caucasian female presented with a chief complaint of left anterior shoulder pain. She reported that her shoulder pain  occurred as a result of her left arm being forced into extension, internally rotated with her elbow being flexed while behind her back and then forced into extreme extension. She characterized her shoulder pain as radiating to the hand and particularly to digits 4 and 5. Occasionally, she described her pain as sharp, deep, stabbing, knife-like, achy, and heavy.


Intervention and Outcome: The patient was cared for with a combination of Diversified Technique involving high-velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) adjustments to sites of vertebral subluxations along with adjunctive therapies applied to soft tissue elements of the left shoulder. The patient’s presenting symptoms improved based on subjective reports and the use of the Upper Extremity Functionality Index.


Conclusion: This study adds to the evidence on the positive effects of chiropractic care for patients with shoulder pain.


Key Words: Chiropractic, shoulder pain, subluxation, adjustment, manipulation


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