Diabetes Blood-Glucose Level Lowered 6% With Two Teaspoons of Household Item

Controlling glucose levels for people who have type 2 diabetes or have a hard time with their waking glucose counts might be as easy to fix as a 30-second organic solution at bedtime.

And, in contrast to expensive pharmaceuticals your doctor might prescribe, this solution is found in the aisles of practically every grocery store in the world- and is inexpensive.

For many years, the benefits of adding apple cider vinegar to mealtimes for diabetics has been shown in countless studies, but a different timing of ingestion was recently studied by Researchers at Arizona State University.

Instead of looking at the effects of vinegar on glucose levels after it had been included at mealtime, they wanted to see if there would be an effect when 2 tablespoons were taken at bedtime.

Measuring glucose levels of participants who were not taking insulin therapy at the time of the study, the scientists were able to show that taking apple cider vinegar at bedtime had a noticeable effect on waking blood glucose levels.

In fact, the participants in the study showed an average improvement of more than 6% in waking levels after just 2 days.

Participants took the vinegar with an ounce of cheese at bedtime, but changed nothing else about their diets. The control group that ate the cheese and only had water, not vinegar, showed no improvement.

Good way to consume apple cider vinegar is to add 2 tablespoons in half a glass (full glass if you dislike the taste) of water. Many health experts also claim that apple cider vinegar with ‘mother’ (not filtered as much) is better.


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