Type 2 Diabetes Completely Reversed Using ONE Vitamin

A new study out of America’s Heartland has shown that by simply increasing the intake of ONE needed vitamin, type 2 diabetes can be reversed without having to resort to dangerous prescription drugs.

Researchers out of the University of Missouri were even more surprised at the findings when they discovered this vitamin worked just as well for participants who were overweight and obese and didn’t lose weight.

So what is this powerful vitamin?

The research team found encouraging evidence to suggest that even when body weight and Body Mass Index are unchanged, simply adding vitamin D supplement to the diet can not only prevent type 2 diabetes from developing, but it also can reverse it if it has already appeared.

Looking at blood levels of vitamin D in participants, the team found that people who are overweight and obese tend to have deficiencies in this very critical vitamin. Adding it as a simple supplement was shown in the study to be critical in reversing type 2 diabetes, even when weight was unchanged.

For many patients, conventional treatment has always pointed to weight loss as the key factor in reversing or preventing the disease, but that never took into account the people who are of normal weight or those who are underweight who still develop diabetes.

While cutting weight for those who are obese is a good idea for many other health reasons, the University of Missouri study highlights the need to focus on nutrient supplementation as a critical first step in treatment, instead of running straight to the prescription pad.

This is more proof that type 2 diabetes can be completely cured without medications and even without losing weight


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