Tomatoes, dandelions, and hawthorn – why they trump Obamacare


Monday, February 25, 2013 by: Lance Johnson

(NaturalNews) The Affordable Care Act seems compassionate, but its one size fits  all philosophy suppresses real healthcare, the kind found growing freely and  more affordable – in nature. Fully implemented in 2014, this law mandates every  American purchase health insurance. This is the first time in U.S. history that  Americans are required to buy a product. This one-size-fits-all mandate of  herding people’s health philosophy is misguided, ignorant, bankrupting, and  tyrannical. It flies in the face of real health. The most successful, healthy  people know from experience that the most effective health philosophy is simply  a lifestyle of nutrition utilization and positive thinking.

Eating tomatoes is cheaper than disease management drugs

The mysterious  elements of foods – the nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants inside –  are absolutely necessary for healthy survival. These blessings of nature, when  digested in their real form, are important for energizing the body and mind. The  best part about nutrition – it was never intended to cause bankruptcy. You can  find nutritious blessings growing freely in the pasture, in the park, in the  woods, in the vacant lot, or in the garden.
Tomatoes, for example, are  more than just food. They are medicine. The lycopene inside a tomato is a  powerful antioxidant that aggressively scavenges free radicals from its  surroundings. Many chronic diseases result from tissue injury caused by free  radicals. Free radicals can trigger chain reactions that damage lipid membranes,  enzymes, chromosomes, and other cellular components. By utilizing antioxidants,  one can prevent free radical  damage to cells, keeping disease at bay. This is the philosophy of real health  insurance – taking care of the root cause.

Dandelion, the most affordable diabetes medicine

The government is  trying to make pharmaceutical drugs more affordable, but drugs don’t create  health. They suppress symptoms and cause new problems. For example, diabetes can  be treated with Sulfonylureas, which stimulate the pancreas to create more  insulin. Ultimately, this causes low blood glucose, upset stomach, skin rash, or  weight gain. Thiazolidinediones may help but can cause congestive heart  failure.
Ultimately, there are natural options, like the abundant,  affordable dandelion.  Dandelions aren’t just weeds. Packed with vitamins A, C, iron, and calcium,  dandelions are strong detoxification foods. Dandelion juice can help diabetic  patients by stimulating the production of insulin from the pancreas, keeping the  blood sugar level low. As a diuretic, dandelion makes the diabetic patient  urinate frequently, removing the extra sugar from the body. Since they are  bitter, they also lower sugar level in the blood.

Hawthorn berries trump heart prescription drugs

Low sex drive,  dizziness, and fatigue are all clinical side effects of current heart  prescription drugs. This is counterproductive and enslaving.
Why not try hawthorn berries  instead?
The German Commission E, a scientific body which determines the  effectiveness of herbal medicines, recommends hawthorn for:
• Cardiac  insufficiency • Cardiac pressure and tightness • The aging heart • Mild  bradyarrhythmia • Increasing coronary and myocardial  circulation
Enough said. This berry, rich in antioxidant flavonoids,  benefits the heart through  powerful anti-inflammatory, relaxing effects on the blood vessels. One cannot  overdose hawthorn either. It is a berry of safety and longevity.
Why  do heart medications even exist, when mankind knows all about this powerful  berry? Why do Americans cling to”health  insurances” and government mandates? There are more affordable, simpler answers  to health all around. Positivity, creativity, and nature will pave the way for  real healthcare. Hope exists, but it’s far from government mandates rooted in a  system of drugging medical intervention.
Sources for this article  include:
Haas, Elson, MD. “Staying Healthy with Nutrition,”
About  the author: Lance Johnson, along with his wonderful wife Kender, are  creating a natural products movement from the ground up: Free Spirit All Natural  Products. As more hearts are pulling toward natural solutions in a world of  toxins and propaganda, Lance wants to help others see the real health  opportunities all around us.
He’s also a passionate  writer who has self published two works of poetic writing that relate to the  people, unmask the hiding, and challenge the status quo. He has more writing  ideas within him, as health and freedom has become a major topic of interest  within him.
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