Lower Back Pain Relief: New Research Says Chiropractic Most Effective Treatment

back pain relief Spinal_column_curvature

Lower back pain relief is challenging because the spine is such a complex structure. Image from Wikipedia used with permission.

When it comes to lower back pain relief, I am skeptical. But this new study says chiropractic is the  most effective treatment – and the researchers are NOT chiropractic funded.

A recent study conducted by medical and healthcare professionals outside the chiropractic profession found that chiropractic care can be most effective in treating work-related lower back pain compared to care by a physical therapist or physician.

Overall, chiropractic patients had lower medical expenses, fewer disability recurrences and shorter initial periods of disability, the study showed.

The study was publised in Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2011.

According to a statement by Foundation for Chiropractic Progress spokesperson Gerard Clum, DC,  ” A chiropractor provides an effective approach to maintain health, a key component in preventing episode recurrence. The trend revealed in this study shows chiropractic care resulting in the best outcomes.”





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